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Role of Anticounterfeit Technologies in Companies

Counterfeit products poses a great threat to the overall performance of different companies particularly in the area of its sales. It lowers the number of the company potential customers who are willing to buy the products. Since it gives rise to the production of inferior products, it damages the different company’s brands which manufacture quality and best goods. The presence of such gods in the market place which mostly comes with reduced prices shifts the customer’s mind of paying higher prices for the genuine products. Such activities results to reduced customer sales and company reluctant of improving overall quality to their goods and services. Many companies upon realization of such problems employ the use of anticounterfeit technology to help protect their brands from such damaged reputation and reduced sales. Such technology creates awareness to the customers relating to the easier distinction between the inferior and genuine products. Such technology provides relevant tools to help manufacturers combat such counterfeits.

It requires the use standardized coding in packaging. The use of standardized coding makes it easier for companies to easily distinguish their products from the counterfeiting companies. The use of specific codes helps companies to easily trace and interpret different products thereby lowering the need of the targeted customers from easily accessing such products. Internal packaging of such products has such printings that give easier interpretation to different users.

It also uses overt and covert features which entails the use of special markings that helps in easier authentication throughout the supply process until its reach to the final customers. The use of inks, tags and holograms all aid in differentiating genuine products from the counterfeits. Such measures give different security measures for attracting more customer base to the entire range of products. Such measures are different between various companies while reducing the risk of reducing counterfeits. Such marketers made a wide use of such measures while trying to prevent their products.

Guaranteeing manufacturer’s integrity in overall product packaging provides assurance that there is no tampering with the original product which is of great importance to motivating the customers to buy the different products and services. It involves the use of technologies that gives evidence on no tampering with such products which is enhanced by the use of security seals. Other companies make use of designed carton for folding the boxes which gives a clear indication on when there is tampering with the package before the customers first access.

The use of anticounterfeit technology helps distinguish batch or large quantities of products from those that are inferior in the market place. There is also the use of barcode readers to verify product authencity. Products can also be scanned at specific dispensing points which require linking it to the prescribed systems. Such a process helps customers to receive the right products easily.

Anticounterfeit technology has been a good solution to different companies facing the high threat of inferior products. It helps such companies actually deliver their produced goods to the targeted customers while making advancements that increase on the overall sales resulting to increased profits.

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